Sunday, 12 April 2015

Fastness and Fitness.

Be yon!

Rob and I have become members of a new gym that has opened up in the centre of town quite recently. This is really handy because
1. It is right around the corner from where we both work
2. It has staff there at all times to help you with anything that you want to do from spin class, to yoga, as well as resistance and weight training.
3. It is open 24 hrs a day so we can go whenever we like.

This has given us a massive boost and more determination to get that standard "summer body" ready for our holiday in 9 weeks time! We both work between 8 and 6 and by the time we've got home, sorted our dinner and prepared ourselves for the following day we barely have enough time to get to a gym that is still even open. This is where I'm now thinking about ways to reduce the amount of time that we spend cooking.

We do eat pretty healthily, we do our best to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, cooking the majority of our meals from scratch. We are, however, no angels and are complete suckers to quick, easy food. Dominos on a Tuesday - Guilty as charged. I want to be able to prepare our meals, or at least the majority in advance but I have no idea how or where I would even begin.

I have skim read about juicing and its benefits and I completely get how it would support the fast paced, busy lifestyle but there are so many questions. Is it all as good as it sounds? Do you really get all the nutrients you need, and if you do how will it affect your digestive system? If you juice all these fruits and vegetables, do you still get all the fibre with that, or is that left behind by the waste? SEE WHAT I MEAN!? There are too many questions.

One thing I did find interesting on this juicing journey was the Nutribullet. On the surface it looks fantastic. An appliance that allows you to get the best out of all of your ingredients, at literally a push and a twist. The outcome is, from what I can see, a juice/smoothie that has no bits, as the blade can spin at a minimum of 20000 rpm, which pulverises any skins/seeds that you would normally get in a blender. I'm really tempted to purchase one, however it seems a little too good to be true and the price is a little off-putting - the cheapest starting at £99. (If anyone uses one now - please let me know how you're getting on with it! I want to know if it's a worthwhile investment.)

The Nutribullet would be an excellent purchase for us we could also make breakfast in a couple of minutes, by chucking together a bunch of fruit, some oats/granola and maybe a dollop of fresh natural yoghurt. If it does what it says it's going to do then it should have all of the goodness from your ingredients in a smoothie - you could even add a scoop or two of whey protein powder if you're wanting to assist muscle development. Also we could make our own pasta sauces with fresh ingredients  in no time at all, and completely smooth - which is perfect for Rob as he is a little bit of a fusspot when it comes to the size of mushrooms in food!

Another time saver that I have seen is slow cookers. Now this I believe could be a lifesaver, as we could prepare the meal before we go to work, and have it cooking throughout the day. When we come home it's just a case of dishing it up and voila - A nice meal! The only problem I would have is that it would be just for me and Rob. Can they be used for meals for two? Or are they better for bigger family meals? Do they blow up if left for too long? Again there are questions that I would need to find out - I would love your input. How do you feel about them? If you use them, do you do larger meals or just for two etc?

If there is anything else that you could think of that could speed up preparation time etc during the day I would love to hear your thoughts

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  1. Wouldn't it just have the same effect that drinking a lot of juice normally have? Which for me is, well, liquidised you-know-what. You could just use a normal food blender, at least you'll have something to still "crunch" afterwards.

    Slow cookers are awesome, if you make a stew, it can lasts for ages and it doesn't matter if it's for one, two, or if you're feeling generous and wanting to feed the whole of the South West. And no, it won't blow up.

    And hehe, bless, Rob's a size queen. (Mushies) ;)